BLACK ELL Pouf de Rangement. Sac de Rangement pour Enfants en Peluche. Pouf de Maison en Toile pour Banc de Rangement à la Maison. 18 po

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STUFFED ANIMAL TOYS TAKING OVER YOUR HOME BUT KIDS NOT READY TO LET THEM GO GET YOURSELF A CLEAN. TIDY HOUSE AND SOME TRANQUILITY with A Tidy House And Happy KidsThe stuffed animal organizer will clear clutter and become a beloved bean bag lounger for the kids. Fill the with up to 100 stuffed animals as well as bedding. clothing or other soft goods for a clean. tidy house.Like most parents. we had a house full of stuffed toys and it felt cluttered and untidy. So. the was born - a place to store them out of sight. which doubled as a new seat for the kids.Avoid the guilt that comes with getting rid of your children's cherished soft toys. You'll open the cute packaging and have fun stuffing them into honestly. it's SUCH a relief! The Stuffie Seat stuffed animal organizer becomes a comfortable beanbag lounger that kids love to sit in FOR HOURS for kids. teens and adults.Easy Care - Designed for Kids
Extra-large adult-sized bean bag
soft and pliable to touch. easy wipe-clean and fire retardant
Quality design and construction - double stitching for extra strength with both an internal and an external zip for improved security of bean filling
that you can coordinate your living space
Perfect for relaxing. watching TV. laying out in the garden or poolside. as well as being a quirky and unique piece of statement furniture for the home